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"The pictures came out stunning and far exceeded my expectations."


—  Elisheva B.,

Jerusalem, Israel

Rena, the wall art of our family has been up for a week and every time I look at the pictures it makes me smile. We really can't thank you enough for all the time and effort you put into working with us to make our pictures perfect. From the first day of picture taking to the countless number of e-mails you sent back and forth helping us choose the pictures, your patience and sensitivity to our needs was astounding.  You are obviously a perfectionist and it showed in all the care you took to make sure all forty of us looked our best.  Even our children and grandchildren remarked how wonderful it was to work with you the Friday morning we all gathered together to take the pictures.  When I think about possibly bringing our family together in another few years, iyH , and taking pictures again, I feel sad that you will not be in Israel to be our photographer. I know I will never find anyone as caring and as professional as you. I will  always think of you fondly whenever I look at my family wall art.


Lisa W.

Jerusalem, Israel

We had a great experience from start to finish. We were traveling to Israel and wanted to take family pictures on our vacation. Rena was very easy to communicate with and she helped us choose our outfits remotely. She was very patient the entire time and gave each kid the attention and praise they needed to bring out their best smiles. The photos came out great! Rena helped us put together a beautiful collage for our wall. We couldn't be happier with the final products.

Nina E.

Baltimore, MD

Our family did portraits with Rena twice - once outdoor and once in her studio. Both sets of pictures came out equally magnificent! We get so many compliments on them. From helping us pick our color theme, to arranging beautiful poses, to helping us decide which pictures to print or put on canvas, Rena was truly a pleasure to work with! 

Malka K.

Baltimore, MD

We have used Rena upon numerous occasions and have yet to be disappointed.  Every picture she delivered came out beautiful.  If you are looking for high quality pictures that are full of life, depth, and meaning, Rena is definitely the photographer to choose.  Her astute eye, combined with her creativity and patience, created the stunning images we will cherish forever. 


-Rochi G.

Lakewood, New Jersey

Rochi G.

Lakewood, NJ

In honor of my son's upsherin, we decided to take family pictures.  At first, I was really hesistant how it would work out with my family.  However, as soon as I contacted Rena, all of my hesitations were gone.  Rena was so patient with my children and gave each of them the attention they needed.  The pictures came out stunning and far exceeded my expectations.  It was really hard for us to choose which pictures to print and hang on our wall!  The next time we take family pictures I will surely be contacting Rena!

Elisheva B.

Jerusalem, Israel

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